Food for Thought 2

Intelligence is about what you know. Emotions are what you feel, your body does not lie. Life's experiences are all feelings. So which is more important? Logic or emotions? Intellect takes you to the door, but it doesn't take you into the house. Reason rules the emotions at the end of the day. What you think, you feel. Your overall mindset and vibrational frequency determines the energy you attract and has huge life impact.

We have both femininity and masculinity in us and have to embrace both. Your female represents  intuition, it's a teacher. The male represent our ability. Those women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. Ambition is not less than gender and no gender is above another. Moreover, men like women who are more feminine as opposed to the dominant. The man has feminine qualities, and the women, masculine qualities. The heart and the head are metaphoric but only taken literally. The way you think is the way you emote. They are not telling you different things, as Sadhguru has spoken.

You existed before you started to think. Thinking is important. Think twice before choosing evil. Your first thought comes from choice to do something, which is also from your inner guide. Your second thought is that from which meaning is found, the relevance. It has to do with seeing things happen before taking action. It's like seeing someone as stupid based on your logic and thinking of saying that to such person but not saying it. A smart person knows what to say and a wise person knows whether or not to say it. It is the work of the head and heart and self control. In every decision, reason should be present. Have grace and love in your expression of what you do not like. Reason has a reason to exist, which is to destroy negativities or negative tendencies, so you do not succumb to them. Even those who get away with evil have higher IQ than those who get caught. Lack of reason in action or absence of thought will lead to unwise decisions. Logic is related to your earthly existence. Today, it is used for negative tendencies, the machinations, devise and execution of evil. Truth is, without virtue, you lack reason and wisdom. Wisdom will never enter a deceitful soul.

"Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning."
- C. S. Lewis

Wisdom is basically truth and reason. There are four kinds of wisdom and virtues which are rational judgment, justice, courage and self control. It seems they should be in order of importance. Justice and integrity go hand in hand. They all have something to do with doing the right thing. Actually we do not know the truth and philosophy is all about seeking truth. We can only give proof for the lies we tell. And anyone who does not question lives based on those lies. This truth is wisdom. But none has ever found it, therefore none is wise. There are mysteries that will never be open. But what exactly is truth? You? Yes, that's right. You.

Philosophy is the relationship between reason and truth which all brings us to morality. The application of 'improper' 'principles' is the root of evil. But come to think of it, the most evil people are equally stubborn and ignorant. There is this theory called that of stupidity. The reality of this is it is both self-incurred and given. Toxicity, fear, dread, emptiness, futility, hopelessness, growing anger, can you feel these? Equally? Especially whilst communicating? In turn, while being communicated to, are your feelings being reduced to emptiness, lack of shame, motivation and thoughtfulness? This is a battle between progression and regression. You should start to run. In times to come, I'll be discussing various belief systems and internal liberation or first but less likely to branch to a topic on love and relationships, just because I do not want to be a bore to the lovers of emotional depth.

"Morality at the very least, is the effort to guide one's conduct by reason. That is, doing what there are the best reasons for doing, while giving equal (and impartial) consideration to the interests of all those affected by what one does."
 - James Rachels

Principles...morals...values...ethics...judgment...    Amorality does not make you a fool but your first principle should be morality and that's knowing first,  what is right and what is wrong. That's how principles are formed. Principles should not be the justification of sinful practices; those made to excuse the guilt of man who derive satisfaction from his comfort. You know when they never accept someone's mistake, except it's equal to those which they make. To them, innocence is an unrequired virtue (I took those few lines from an extended Bible story by Marie Corelli). They in fact have none. They never listen and always make the past repeat itself because they enjoy it, and mostly because they never think of repercussions just because there is a law guiding it so they think are being rational and that is their illusion. 

Only a person aware of values (but never adheres) can be termed fool when need arises because he's deserving of that position. He is called simple if he knows none. Seek wisdom first and in all your getting, get understanding. Reason or logic has to do with good and bad, rating what is good and seeing reasons and rating something bad and seeing reasons. Our judgment of things make them shameful to us or not and it's your judgment of things that actually make you good or bad. And when you try to place your judgment upon someone, you only get 'biased' and 'unreasonable'. You lose a virtue which is justice. In life, be total, there are two sides, the good and the bad and it's innate. You cannot remove it, neither can your mind. Nothing stands alone.

23 These are sayings of the wise: Partiality in judging is not good. 
24 Whoever says to the wicked, "You are innocent", will be cursed by peoples, abhorred by nations,
25 but those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, and a good being will come upon them. (Proverbs 24:23-25 RSV)

Be rigid for yourself, have strong principles. Let your character be strengthened but be flexible. Principles are meant to be principled because they are called principles. So if it's not principled, it isn't a principle. Even if you have principles, never make them rigid because of situations in which it will be too demanding; it's more like making the world hard to live in. With regards principles, the day you know how to live is the day of your death. There are no guides to life but life itself is a guide.

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live."
- Seneca

Teach with respect. As wisdom is the correct application of knowledge, the application of reason has to do with looking at both sides, rating the consequences of one's decision and doing the right thing. There is no correct judgment without understanding and no wisdom without understanding. Let the others apply their values too except you want to be a tyrant because when you do not, you also lose a virtue.  Acknowledge the values of others in places which you want to impose your values unless you just look like an elf who hides in rocks simply because you were made for that and grabs treasures from strangers, just because it's your thing. It's just like the case of repaying for a good deed in a bad way because tradition demands it. What then happens next? There is no morality without reason. Reason is wisdom and wisdom is the principal thing. In every decision, reason should be present. You are aware of its aim. Life is not difficult; we simply make it difficult.

"Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens."
- Jimi Hendrix

The first principles are in the bible, that is, the ten commandments, of which love is the greatest.
 The first values taught to a child are manners, can also be the five magic words: Please, excuse me, sorry, thank you, pardon me.
Then there are 3 virtues in the bible, Faith Hope and Charity.

Truth has to do with honesty which makes the love for truth the beginning of wisdom. The highest virtue you can have in life is that of truth. Understanding comes with courage. If you seek wisdom, you must love the truth. What is more dangerous than ignorance is false knowledge. Today we know what is right but refuse to invest in it simply because we stop at knowing but refuse to live it, a result of belief systems and need to feel safe, which almost everybody does just because it is done by others and as a result, we dim our lights and it all results to shame and insecurity and that is how ignorance grows, from person to person. If you do not see your worth, you will choose people who do not see it also. If they do not believe you can, know that they are the ones who cannot. Why can we all not be humans. In every situation, apply insight. You do not look, you also see. Be aware. That is your wisdom.

"Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it."
- Confucius

The heart existed before body, so it should be respected. You existed before you started thinking. Your energy was in existence before creation. Your soul comes before personality. It is even your personality. It chose you which means you had been recognized before now, because you were present before. The enlightened is conscious of this. We are like walking sacks. We are more spirit than flesh, we always have been and always will be. You were born of light. You were light before creation and will be light after death. Your soul could call you, to guide you into finding purpose. When you are about to get inside the womb, your soul chooses you because it is your time and your time cannot be missed. Life should not be seen as competition. Each of us have our moments. It could be while you're still a child, it could be in helping another discover true purpose. When you think life is to be strived, how will you not make enemies? Everyday, there is your own time for everything everyday and if there is anyone holding you back from following your intuition, part ways. Even God has his principles set for you and you must be who God has called you to be. This is why you win and should you not accord that soul some respect? Life did not begin here, there was no beginning and there is certainly no ending because you are an 'energy'.

Your soul is your true being, your identity, personality, life force, ego, energy, psyche, your subconscious. Your soul is your light. It is what makes you a person. It is what makes you a living thing. As long as you are of the flesh, the soil you are made of, the soil you shall return. Your soul is that which consists of everything that you are. You must have a soul to live. As the body grows, the soul remains the same. You might decide to change your personality or act otherwise and dim your light but you will always be you anyways. When you decide to be who you really are, no one will question you or tell you that you are doing it wrong. Your soul lies within your heart. Your soul can either be with or strong. But the soul will always remain beautiful because it is made of purity. It is made of light and never darkness and that is why it's called soul

"The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts."
- Marcus Aurelius

Keep your focus on what truly matters. You. How you came, you shall return so if you are afraid of death, so are you, of light. Always listen to your inner guide and love your own soul. Through self awareness, you can listen to your higher intelligence. Your soul loves you when you love it, it tells you what to do and that means whatever you experience is within you. Everything exists within you and whatever you do unconsciously or without thinking, is who you really are. You are the center of attraction. You are in the middle of the universe so it's just you, which means everything else is what? YOU! You exist as consciousness. A lot of people either work or slumber from morning to morning because they put a lot of importance to their physical lives alone. Once you are evolved, you will not just sleep or just work. You will experience. When you are aware, you become unstoppable. You believe so no evil can come near you and that is because you believe.

Have you realized that you are more life when there is no psychological activity. Psychological or physiological has nothing to do with the reality. You breathe, walk, eat, do everything without any form of thought. Is this why you choose unconsciousness? When you live and experience, purpose arrives by experiencing the life within you. Being human is a gift. Only desires block our essence. It is a God-given present of time and space. So time is your present and you should be glad. Prioritize not your job but your life. Your intuition gets lost when you are surrounded by lots of material possessions and why will you not suffer depression. Buy experience. 

"Own nothing. Control everything."
- John D. Rockefellar

If you want to be happy, buy more experiences than needs. In fact the key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions. Feel whatever you do. When others run, you walk magnificiently, when they are with everyone, you be with the one, when they assume, you figure it out, when they try to get a representation, see what is present before you, when they think they have experienced it all, you just keep experiencing in that manner. That's experiencing. That is living.

Enjoy the type of life gifted to you. Do everything with knowledge that these things do not really exist. Without psychology, you have intelligence, a sense of belonging. Adam and Eve were in a state of unconsciousness before they ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. This is why they were cursed to suffer for sin self-inflicted by living lives of hardship. They became aware of their thoughts and emotions. They started to think and to feel, had knowledge of good and evil and something disappeared from within them, maybe it was the wisdom, God within them, that which they were guided by, their innocence. The mystery was lost and there came knowledge so come to think of it, what does it mean when we cross boundaries of self knowledge? Curiosity eventually killed the cat.

Due to the principle of cause and effect, everything exists in perfect synchronicity. Nothing is stagnant or lasts long, except your materials and plastics whatever. With time, all evolves, sun, moon, time, human. There are no accidents or coincidences in this universe. These are all mysteries of God fulfilled. You are everything. Everything exists as one, in perfect synchronicity with everything else. Past, present and future, birth day, death day. But what if you are all in one? It is the art of being indivisible. There is no such thing as time in reality. You are no mistake. There is a purpose behind every action. There is a purpose God has for your life and it is your part to play in not missing your time. You were born good. Circumstances will lead you to being the type of person you are and destiny is your destination while your inner guide helps with the journey. Unless you are know of these things, you cannot be truly aware. Be intentional about everything you do. Awareness is very different from earthly knowledge. Awareness causes an evolvement, a dimensional one in fact. It is a change beyond physical. Awareness is of the spirit. 

Good quality is that of conscious people. When you fear what you do not know and do everything to make sure tomorrow will be alright, you may never enjoy the today. Some people have not lived at all yet they are scared of death. Even if you are not conscious, maybe you would do everything right, just like other creations, what more when you are aware. You have been chosen to do whatever you want to. You are gifted with destiny, to experience your true power, to raise your vibration. Why then do people prefer being other things than human. That, I do not know. Some even do the opposite and choose to act like the animals, when you in fact have a soul and you are conscious, they become dead within. It is even an insult to the animals.

Sometimes, I think, do animals have spirits? They do not know anything, birthday and the sorts. They just have senses and are very much aware of their surroundings and offsprings. They experience. An hen does not even realize when her chick dies, an animal could even eat its child. So just like the animals, you are here to experience. You are the higher animal. You are who you really are without psychology, just like these animals. By this, I do not mean a result of alcohol. It comes naturally. This is why the more we control or do, the less we are connected to ourselves. Everything you are seeing is not reality unfortunately. Our reality now is the existential, those things which are just there. But you should really turn your sense of reality into knowingness.

Regarding mystery, you truly do not know some things, do you know, maybe the world will never end, maybe this is eternity, maybe we are timeless. What if, while we die, we are still alive. What if there was no hell? What if all the devils were here?  Where does tomorrow go? Maybe the true temple is within, maybe the rapture has taken place through generations and heaven, the infinity, was only within you. What if there was no lake of fire or eternal life in heaven, what if the sky is just a roof and we are already in heaven, in eternity. What if the revelations are only stories, parables, that have a deep meaning underneath. Stop talking about things that you do not know, like the divine, heaven, etc. That's where curiosity ends, no matter how far you go. If you have the thirst to reach the unknown, if you're always curious about deeper meanings, you will always get your answers. An instance is spiritual awakening.

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes."
- Carl Jung

The answer to your questions could be found in your dreams or when you wake up to meditate.
At night, you always remember what you read. It is just like remembering things you read and you will most likely dream of writing and exam. Your soul becomes active. It's when you wake up in the morning that you remember certain things or forget the most. Personally, I do not like talking to anybody as soon as morning arrives. There are some things I would just love to think about first or put down first. I get angry at times, especially when certain people take offense in my need for silence. You know, one should always consider the principles of another when applying theirs, I told you before. I'm a morning-angry person most of the time and it's always towards the whole of the universe most of the time. 

During my awakening period during which I was not aware it was awakening, I thought it was my fear for ghosts, because I would normally be scared but I found out that waking up by a certain same hour on a row; my autistic little boy and I. It was the day I found it strange that I thought about that certain time and felt happy within myself somehow, thinking of it as a call. Thereafter, I saw it as a moment of inspiration. Epiphanies come in dire hours.You receive insights, clairvoyant perceptions, more understanding of the world. This is a change of personality, a greater understanding, you don't enjoy those things you formerly did, you quit old habits and behavior, there is no passion for such things and doing such bore you, your new passions are spiritual. You know that feeling when you just want to do something different, you want to do something you could die for because the thing is simply more like, that is simply the reason for your existence and every other thing starts to fall in place, do you understand? You start to feel your ikigai.

When you experience this, you should understand that it is love your higher self is showing you. It's reminding you that you are loved. Those spiritual encounters are blessings. It's your inner guidance or chi supporting you, your twin flame, telling you it is time for change. You are in tune with intuition. If you do not experience this, there must be others around you experiencing this. When you are different, you must be a black sheep. So I'm a black sheep, like literally, I get blamed for 98% of things that goes wrong in my home.

To be spiritually strong means to have spiritual guidance. The evolved soul is wise and whole and detached from the visible. When you have a pure heart, naturally you will have many guides. You will have your inner guidance if you want to fulfill a purpose. Your higher intelligence will remind you to follow your inner guidance. This is a development and the road to self awareness and consciousness and can be through sleep, meditation, remembering old memories, change of personality. It could feel like you are floating when you eventually become aware of God within you, when you give your life to him, then your burdens become small, you start to feel like you've just been crowned and you're being carried while walking. You know when that normal sound your ear makes, stops and everything else becomes clearer again? That's how it feels. You can now go into the dark with no fear of shadowy monsters because He's with you. Your mind gets clearer like it just got sieved. You see a lot of problems but you're not affected because you know the battle is not yours. You feel God's love and light and presence. And it's only if you live your own life, learn God's word and tell Him how you feel each and every day, that you experience such.

A spiritual journey starts by being at peace with both God and oneself. Everything you do is self motivated. You are no longer that person who just thinks and feels. You are evolved, in a state of awareness, you are limitless and you no longer see the world the same way you did. Your life also starts to change for good. This is supposed to happen in the life of each and every person born of man. It does not matter how much of a late bloomer one is, there is always time. You do not have to do anything. Just believe, with faith and you could experience this anywhere.

Maybe we are in the last days where there are haters of good, lovers of pleasure, rather than God, men of ego who opposed the truth, men who want to know nothing from which they have made up their mind to settle on, capturing the weak sinful or anyone who can listen to them but do not and cannot reach the destination of truth. But do you know that it was written, that all these people will not get very far. This is why I believe, the impossible only takes a long time. If God has ordered to not be friends with the world and resist every sense of carnality, why then do you still do something for which you will be forgotten.

"Wisdom begins in wonder."
- Socrates

I have figured out that since love is a mystery and wisdom is mystery, if we relate with that more and know it more, then we may get closer to God because God is mysterious and has to do with everything mysterious. If you still feel like a stranger on earth then you are not aware. To imagine, start with looking intensely into the sky everyday till you see things and start with naming those things. It is just thinking like you are painting an abstract art. Remember, in life, you do not have to know. If you are spiritually aware or enlightened and attuned with the universe, you will consider other points of view and be open to new insights and understand another to understand yourself. You become the higher self, there is no jealousy, ego or anger. Those things are of the mind but you are in spirit. You now know the difference between right and wrong. You know who you are because there is a sense of purpose and identity. You are immune to criticism. There is love and no vengeance or competition, no space for war. This is courage.

Live with all your heart and be contented with what you have. Seek what's beyond. I know I'm a limitless being. If you are a limitless being, you will get less concerned with anything physical. A wise girl knows her limits, a 'smart' girl knows that she has none. I always had one question right from childhood, it was "Who created God?" But really, was God even created? When they say He is a mystical being or just appeared. I tried to picture it, that he woke up or was the first to wake. But does that not make him existential and different questions start to pop up. So I thought, life is an energy, existed as an energy. From the power of that energy, it formed a spiritual being. This is what I gave myself because I always seek answers no matter what but it never stops my curiosity. But really, if life is that powerful, then what is death? The limitless identity explores all. It's not thinking you are a great man after fighting for your nation. In essence, wisdom is a state of being. It is mystery. You do not know but you are aware. You do not have to understand it all but you know that you do not know and you can handle that truth. 

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to it original dimensions."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Wisdom lasts forever, to generations.The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge. Wisdom is the most beautiful thing. A simple way to remove fear is to seek knowledge and understanding. If you do not know what you want, you do not yet possess wisdom. Remember, only fools will think of themselves as wise. Affirm this to yourself today:

"I'm aware therefore I am."

Can you imagine what's out there since everything else apart from earth gets bigger in comparison to it. So think, what's out there, can your mind take all of it? Can you imagine. Now think, the creator must be farthest away, somewhere unknown, unseen, unimaginable, can you imagine how great a scientist He is? If we do not see him, does it mean He is everything because He has created 'us' in His own image? You are now aware that no one is bad or none was created bad because God is the creator. Sometimes the devil just sits comfortably in the heart of men because they let him and they feel the most comfortable being their lowest selves. No matter where you are, when you find yourself in shatters, a bad state, a state of hatred, anger, rebellion and you're comfortable, it feels right, then know that you are doomed because that is where the limit starts. It's where death and hell starts. It is the beginning of cowardice. It is the ultimate self deception. Accepting and moving onward from this part of you is what can enable you to transform and move to a higher vibration and freedom. Whatever you think is wrong with you is from you. It's humanity. Death has been long slain. Death is dead, life is eternal! God is love! He has given another name to death, life. And life, that's what's called survival: finding meaning in the death and suffering called life. And do not forget, sometimes we just have to make use of our logic and listen to what the heart teaches us to do because that is simply the way to truth.

13 My child, eat honey, for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste.
14 Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, you will find a future, and your hope will not be cut off. (Proverbs 24:13-14 RSV)


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