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Belief Systems (BS) One

Conventional opinion is the ruin of our souls. ~ Rumi Mindset also has an impact in the growth of the nation. In today's world, to be smart means to disrespect, to lie, to cheat. You know recently, I told you how reason is used in evil plots. This is how corrupted our minds get. Today, our thinking, and rationalising comes with Western civilisation. It is automaton-like. I do not need an argument. We describe our emotions as drama 'irrational', weakly, bad, stupid; a result of a lack self-acceptance. We have a way we live now that we define ourselves by it. Your life is a written story and you move in tune when you are in tune with yourself. The heavens also move in tune with you. The goal of education is to create a mind of your own. It is the development of man's personality as a rational and moral being. Our reality today is based on our belief systems. Education according to Plato, is a matter of leading a person from mere belief to true knowledge, especially when i