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Remedies of pain

Pain as Emotions

I think that's what's wrong with the world. No one says what they feel, they always hold it inside, they're sad, but they don't cry, they're happy, but they don't dance or sing, because if they do, they feel ashamed and that's the worst feeling in the world. So everyone walks with their heads down and no one sees how beautiful the sky is. ~ Louise Fitzhugh The one who can adjust to any situation with humility, possess true greatness. The one who knows how to adjust is the one who knows how to survive. If you bang your head against the wall when problems come, your brain will get messed up. The reason you lose happiness or do not feel really happy deep down is your own insolence. It starts with your thoughts. When you start being positive about life and not always rating your fellow man, the light within will shine even unto your darkness that it also starts to reflect around you. As a child of God, forbearance is a good quality. Be like a web of love that ca