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Criticism II

Assumptions Assumption is one cause of most problems in today's world. Understanding is important before judging. Thinking is difficult and this is why most people conclude. Most people think it's because of some things that certain things do happen and they become registered to that idea. But it is not fair, using today's situation to judge tomorrow's actions or even at most, using behaviour to judge others. When most people conclude, they do not look outside of that obvious, immediate proof. First and foremost, first impressions do not matter and do not have to, except you seek for a life partner, it is one of the driving factors. But to be honest, we blame others' actions on their behaviour unless it's us. (This is what leads to insults but think about it, is that a great decision?) It does not matter, you may change. People change, most especially in times of trials, things change,  GOALS change. You can be anything, lead the life of your dreams or even play