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There's only one rule I know of: You've got to be kind. ~ Kurt Vonnegut Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others, whenever they go. Girl, you smile, pretend to be happy, laughing. Sometimes you act like you are happy and then people see you and start to like you. (Boys are the opposite). Your whole life is full of drama. The truth is people only want happiness around them, you do not know what is going on in their lives too. They do not want you to add to their problems. You have to be sweet to others and put their happiness before yours so they can be happy to have you around. Even acting for those who cannot speak up for themselves, that's special. That is what makes you a strong person. Even with what you feel, you do not transfer that to those around you. You remain cheerful and do things normally. One thing people love is vibe and good energy. You need to have a loving nature to be admired and respected. You may even be given a personality title. Cheerfulness impa