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We live in a shame culture of stigma, ridicule, all a result of a lack of awareness. What we do not know, we do not try to find out about and still place our judgments on it; even though we do not know. Weird, we call the one who does everything contrary to the way others do. In a culture where unusual is scary, let us promote strange. What we have no knowledge about will remain scary to us. The ones who need help are not supposed to be scary. They are the neurodivergent and the Autistic individuals are one of the many. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a spectrum of behaviours. Before diving in, let's first get to know what ASD really is. ASD is a complex disorder of brain development. It consists of many disorders. Autism is something of the brain, something one is born with, which makes such person autistic. It is a condition and not a gift or a disease to be cured, so once autistic, always autistic. If you have just one autistic behaviour, you are still autistic. Everyone