The last time, I wrote about the non-existential anxiety. Now still on the self as a part and whole, during the war, there was anxiety. Also, those who had no anxiety had given up and reasoned with death. The age of reason was then and civilization came after the war and so did anxiety.  Decadence is a state of deterioration in standards, especially of morality. This started somewhere in the 90s after the wars. This period started after the Golden age, the period of innovation and modernism, a time of your life where you as a person of wisdom achieve a lot in a stable society and you retire, in an ordinary sense. The Golden age was the period after the middle age. A decadent person quite self indulgent and has no bid for culture and tradition. The artists then used art to express this moral decline. A decade itself is a period of ten years, eg 2000-2010. The present age lack standards. The social media today is full of criticisms. Everyone knows what you should and shouldn&#

On Anxiety Part I

Sometimes ago, I asked myself various questions which none could answer. I always wondered, for once I believed that we were thrown down from the heavens. The first I asked was, who is God? I thought of every possibility, in every way I could, I imagined, but nothing came out of it. Some say he's in heaven but I thought, heaven is too large a place for just one person and then I pictured him as being very laaarge with his legs on earth, being invisible. This was all while I was little. As I grew, I learnt that he resides in our hearts. But it could not be definite anyway because he is not a human being. He is the being. He is the Omni. He is existence itself, he started being so that mere thought must be disrespectful if you're quite knowledgeable. Hello, my beautiful esteemed readers online, most especially my expecting, I hope I haven't been resented. I had an ongoing project for a while and now I'm back. I keep learning and unlearning everyday, we all do. And as for

Belief Systems (BS) One

Conventional opinion is the ruin of our souls. ~ Rumi Mindset also has an impact in the growth of the nation. In today's world, to be smart means to disrespect, to lie, to cheat. You know recently, I told you how reason is used in evil plots. This is how corrupted our minds get. Today, our thinking, and rationalising comes with Western civilisation. It is automaton-like. I do not need an argument. We describe our emotions as drama 'irrational', weakly, bad, stupid; a result of a lack self-acceptance. We have a way we live now that we define ourselves by it. Your life is a written story and you move in tune when you are in tune with yourself. The heavens also move in tune with you. The goal of education is to create a mind of your own. It is the development of man's personality as a rational and moral being. Our reality today is based on our belief systems. Education according to Plato, is a matter of leading a person from mere belief to true knowledge, especially when i


There's only one rule I know of: You've got to be kind. ~ Kurt Vonnegut Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others, whenever they go. Girl, you smile, pretend to be happy, laughing. Sometimes you act like you are happy and then people see you and start to like you. (Boys are the opposite). Your whole life is full of drama. The truth is people only want happiness around them, you do not know what is going on in their lives too. They do not want you to add to their problems. You have to be sweet to others and put their happiness before yours so they can be happy to have you around. Even acting for those who cannot speak up for themselves, that's special. That is what makes you a strong person. Even with what you feel, you do not transfer that to those around you. You remain cheerful and do things normally. One thing people love is vibe and good energy. You need to have a loving nature to be admired and respected. You may even be given a personality title. Cheerfulness impa

Relationships: Love 1

Love is an open secret; the most obvious thing in the world and the most hidden, with no how or why it keeps its mystery. You just feel the sweetest of all emotions and call it love. You have no definition for it. This is because it rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean with no beginning or end. Based on this, pure love is definitely the basis for eternal relationships. Love is a certain sweetness of your emotion. -Sadhguru The experience of love is described as the twinkle of the eyes, butterflies in the belly, the twirl of the spine, or even nervous breakdown. But did you know that love in actuality has nothing to do with the body. The butterflies in your belly is due to a fight-or-flight situation. All your blood rushes to your muscles and your stomach has no blood supply so it only cries for help. Even though the heart is symbolical of love, it is the brain organ doing the act, making some transmissions into your heart... you know, just chemistry. You get the f