Belief Systems (BS) One

Conventional opinion is the ruin of our souls.
~ Rumi

Mindset also has an impact in the growth of the nation. In today's world, to be smart means to disrespect, to lie, to cheat. You know recently, I told you how reason is used in evil plots. This is how corrupted our minds get. Today, our thinking, and rationalising comes with Western civilisation. It is automaton-like. I do not need an argument. We describe our emotions as drama 'irrational', weakly, bad, stupid; a result of a lack self-acceptance. We have a way we live now that we define ourselves by it. Your life is a written story and you move in tune when you are in tune with yourself. The heavens also move in tune with you. The goal of education is to create a mind of your own. It is the development of man's personality as a rational and moral being. Our reality today is based on our belief systems. Education according to Plato, is a matter of leading a person from mere belief to true knowledge, especially when it comes to leadership.

We live in a materialist world, and materialism appeals so strongly to humanity no matter where. 
~ Professor Wole Soyinka

The material world is seen as the only reality. If you indulge in fantasies, they tell you that you are being unrealistic, is it not? But really, a lot of people do not know where they come from and think they are just existential beings, no imagination whatsoever, no life. Some think that it is only their 'good ideas' or 'decisions' that will make the nation better. And this is because they refuse to acknowledge their inner power. They refuse to follow their inner guidance and find out the situation gets worse, most especially for them. If reality is too hard to change, should we not change the eyes that see reality.
In the middle of your life, you fall prey to myths and traditions and that is if you do not even have a mind of your own. We follow friends in their ways rather than our ways, abandon ourselves and end up being alone. Sometimes, you do not have to go with the flow. You be the flow. For a country to change, it starts with one individual.

Society's punishment are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.
~ Martin Luther King

The love of money is root of all evil is indirectly saying people are and the ignorant thing is 'society'. The less you become, the more receptive you become. The more you become, the less receptive you become. Add less to the physical. Do not be full of yourself, even in religion, christian or Muslim. They are the religious or dogmatic. Have in mind that to be spiritual is to be nothing. It is not going to church that makes you spiritual, you must be less to be spiritual. It means, like the spirit. Some get spiritual only when they pray and then forget that it even happened the moment they stop. Most people have no genuine love for God but are only interested in going to heaven after death and are scared of perishing in 'the lake of fire' as always said.

Anyone who does not see the vanity of the world is very vain himself. So who does not see it, apart from young people whose lives are all noise, diversions, and thoughts for the future? But take away their diversion and you will see them bored to extinction. Then they see their nullity without recognizing it, for nothing could be more wretched than to be intolerably depressed as soon as one is reduced to introspection with no means of diversion.
~ Blaise Pascal

All sufferings are as a result of attachment, being philistine in every area of one's life. No intellectual or artistic values, and the moment man becomes less attached, there will be less suffering for man on earth. Nowadays worth is proven by cash, the money, as seen on search engines. Youth with low esteem go to very dangerous levels and unthinkable ones to get the paper. After getting it, they become something worse, named something worse or even get arrested. The most annoying word used by anybody around me is 'hustle'. Like seriously, I myself do not like anything when it gets too common. (lol)

If you want to be happy, buy more experiences than needs. In fact the key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions. Like do you not become a spirit and have you tried out most of the things you want to in order not to regret when you become a spirit and most of all, in order to not become a bad ghost.

Whenever you hate another, you think God also hates that person so you may send God to do evil. Even Jesus prayed for his enemies. If you think you have enemies, check yourself. In your church, they'd say God is here. Yes I know, it's the house of God. But in hotels, God is not there? Is God there? This is a question for my pastors and religious leaders who are especially against traditional worshippers. Does God not reside in the heart? 
Darkness is not dangerous. The tools are not. It is people who are. It is not God but your karma when bad things that happen to you by your handiwork.  It is always your karma getting back at you. Humans are the most scary living beings as far as I can tell. Everything that you see around, including the things you might not be fond of and even the people you despise or abhor, is present within you in varying degrees. Therefore do not look for Satan outside yourself either. The devil is not an extraordinary force that attacks from without. It is an ordinary voice within. The way in which humans just sit and bring evil upon themselves nowadays and blame everything else except themselves is very alarming. There is absence of wisdom when people kill each other while the trees are still standing. 

The problem is not Islam, neither is it Christianity. It is what you sow. Jesus has died for your sins and also made a covenant. Jesus does not do evil. He only created evil for the purpose of good. He is more compassionate than you who sends him to destroy. Preaching against another religion in the church or forming groups to get rid of one another, when you are no more, won't it still exist? 'I'm a realist, I'm a Jehovah's witness', limiting yourself, seeing yourself as one thing that exists outside of the rest...if you get to know yourself fully, facing with honesty and hardness, both your dark and bright sides, you will arrive at a supreme form of consciousness. You will learn to love yourself. When a person knows himself or herself, he or she knows God. 
Inner peace that comes from submission, a religion of love, that is how Islam was in the 11th century. Islam is of submission and Christianity is of faith. Sum it all up as love. Be certain that in the religion of love, there are no believers and unbelievers. LOVE embraces all.

Humans are in a state of evolution, that is, change. You have to respect where they are, same as the animals. They have been designed to experience life without awareness; to all be the same. But as humans, only growth, that is, change, is the secret behind our wisdom and happiness. This is the reason the wisest and most stupid never change. But what more if you're a cynic or skeptical? Then question. It shouldn't end there.

While the Country Nigeria is not yet technologically' developed' in most spheres, in it we shouldn't be also morally underdeveloped and deprived, even in today's decadence most especially. It is people in power who don't inculcate morals in citizen when that responsibility also comes with the management of people. When the citizens lack morals, it is due to those in leadership position. 

The solution to ignorance is good governance, good parenting, good leadership, good teaching and all that has to do with 'education'. More importantly, it should be done by those who are truly aware, those who have a drive, a reason to live, those who want to change and not rule. The goal is duty, it's not power, it's mission and not ambition. It's purpose of success. It's the ambition to build. It's what comes with love. It's only for and about internal liberation.

'You see Nigeria is that country, that is ruined and can never be better than the way it currently is.' That is the result of mindset. Some even flee from the country. Those who fail to learn from history are comdemned to repeat it. Then we become the reason for the problem. Some even say it is destined by God to be like that. But God has not created anything in bad state. His thoughts are of good. He was pleased with his creation. He had compassion towards all. It's just the inhabitants themselves. 

Did you know that even your thoughts concerning the nation could make it what it becomes? The harmony that exists within the minds of individuals will be reflected in harmonious society. Why do you think Nelson Mandela won the hearts of many. As thoughts are the seeds of all actions, plant only good, pure seeds so the fruit will be the best. Another purpose of education is character and ability to do good. Do you want your child to make men better people or repeat history. Those weapons by themselves are not dangerous, it is the anger within man that is harmful. If we realize that wars are born in the minds of men, we would make greater efforts for peace of mind. Should that not be the first thing? Why must teachings begin as children, it is because they learn faster and when they grow or it becomes too late and some would have become cynics. 

Children and adults believe differently. That is why the bible tells us, have faith like little children. What do you first teach a child at school, is it not morals? According to Plato, you first teach a child according to who he is, a child, therefore we teach music, that is, the spirit and gymnastics, which is the body. Socrates, in his opinion, says, virtue and excellence are just like bodily health therefore moving the body can train the soul too. 
Plato likened music to literature and censored one at that. This means we need to know before we act and in a country, Nigeria for instance, what is needed the most is morals or a leader who is moralistic, one with personal integrity and does not agree to all belief systems but rather have good moral values. The purpose of education is to teach that which is good.

The soul has pre-existence knowledge and it also can be divided into three parts which are, the head, the breast and the stomach. The head is where you get reason and it is the highest receptor of that which may not be forgotten and the breast comes second. It is of courage and located beside the area of the heart while the third is the stomach. So which among all three do you want to feed?

In a gentle way, you can change the world.
~Mahatma Gandhi

Do you imagine how the world will be when a man with no self love or inner guidance comes to rule a nation. Do you like to be remembered as a self-indulgent sybarite or a hero? Or do you like being respected and loved more than being feared? Those who fear you will no doubt hate you. 
Only narcissists seek authority. Once you gain power, you lose empathy. You do not care any more or less about others. But real power and authority is not over others but the self. Your subconscious mind knows better. It knows what is better for you before the conscious mind understands it. Decisions based on intuition or instinct are often better than conscious and educated decisions. No force has to be used when wisdom guides the requests. So what is more important, your standard of living or living a life with correct standards? 

Humanitarianism is having no regard for status but seeing everyone equally. To be president, you help out of pity and the self kind of understanding or use your humanitarian attitude or philanthrophy to seek recognition. But to be president, connection is the real deal; soul connection with your comrades. 
The bible gives three characteristics which should be in a great leader, which are justice, mercy and faithfulness. What has to be understood is projects do not make up a president. Giving money to others is good but to give love, happiness and mercy to others is a great act of charity. A generous heart will quickly become a precious heart but to be a pure and charitable soul is far greater. It makes you invaluable.
Look at Nelson Mandela. Virtue is excellence of character. Virtue is equal to personal excellence. It is justice, mercy, good sense or self control and bravery. Morality and virtue give satisfaction to man, endear him to his creator and to the public. The greatest wealth is to be at peace both with God and oneself. Happiness lies in virtue. Plato's definition of true happiness is the attainment of man's highest good and this can be achieved through education, knowing that which is good. 

Though it usually feels good to be part of something bigger than yourself, the only solution to most difficult problems today in the society, the country and the world, is character. Character is integrity to the self. You have just one mind. If character is lost, no prestige remains. If a society loses its moral values, it loses everything. I guess that is where it all started, the want for food, clothing and shelter, too much of it and greater need of it, not mental strength or discipline, not spiritual capability, not intellectual desire, not empathy. If your country has none of these, hire a president who possesses it. A president must be good as a teacher.

A city is not adorned by external things, but by the virtue of those who dwell in it.
 ~ Epictetus

Where arrogance, false teachers, jealousy and selfish ambition exists, there will be disorder and every violent practice. Ignorance of others is the main advantage to such people, you see, as Leo Da Vinci puts it, he who does not oppose evil, commands it to be done. It is not the people who are bad, it is those who have lost hope. The loss of hope is an opportunity for infestation. And that is the absence of mental strength. And it is the absence of mental strength that makes us believe vile belief systems. 
A lot of youngsters say, 'I want to be a Soldier', 'I want to be president'. What does a soldier do? Being a soldier is not about wanting to be the fonz or boosting your ego or feeding your inferiority complex. It is not about your stature or complexion. It is not about the work or who you want to be. It's about who you are now. And training starts from language. Our linguistic laziness is part of our cultural self-harm.Take for example, the use of broken English.

To manage a nation, you have to manage yourself first, control your own self. I had a very fine boss who had a very huge ego, he'd always insult his workers in every manner he gets, words, sarcasm when they did something he did not like but he always did nice things like getting food for the workers, helping in their improvement in ways he could but when it came to building relationships, I was always done with him. Managing is not supervision, management is inspiration. You must inspire me if you wish to see me work well with you. 
To govern people, you have to manage opinions, impressions and everything else and that is why you should be master of yourself first. Some people just go to such positions for joy rides, using bribery to sit there and thinking it is being there that matters the most to them in life. When you get into high posts, there is a tendency you will lose empathy. When someone starts to do something, you see the wrong and when he or she does it right, you try to seek the wrong. Like I told you before, some even feel like Hitler and the SS when utilizing labor. 

They fear love because it creates a world they can't control.
~ George Orwell, 1984 

Most of the narcissists of today have the lowest of self esteem. They want to have the best of the best, they have the superiority complex, they die to associate with the superiors, look down on non-superiors, take extreme advantage of others for personal gain, have no EQ to process feelings, they are so envious but believe they are envied, they are the ones who see mistakes, they are have a great inferiority complex with a low self-esteem, they are arrogant, boastful and pretentious. Insecurities are really loud, do you not think?  
But humility is the absence of pride. Meekness is a humble attitude. It is endurance, tolerance. Meekness is the quality of good leader and not just to a group of people. It is power under control. It is self control. You could have the power to do something but you refrain for someone else. 

Joy is a light which radiates from within. This light usually has a way of revealing itself. Happiness is a temporary emotion. Trust is the risk of true love and the first mobility to disappointment. But we need to be vulnerable in order to trust. We need to trust to be vulnerable. Fear is the opposite of trust. If you are not free or unable to be yourself around someone, then there is something of character which they hide. We need vulnerability before connection. Vulnerability means courage. This is where the heart comes in. It is being oneself. Those who still follow the status quo have not yet lived. And when they do not change, then they are not being who they truly are. Vulnerability shows your humility and confidence in others. Confidence is also optimism. When you have confidence in others and be your real self, then you can be trusted. You will receive love and cooperation. Vulnerability will always come before trust.


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