There's only one rule I know of: You've got to be kind.
~ Kurt Vonnegut

Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others, whenever they go. Girl, you smile, pretend to be happy, laughing. Sometimes you act like you are happy and then people see you and start to like you. (Boys are the opposite). Your whole life is full of drama. The truth is people only want happiness around them, you do not know what is going on in their lives too. They do not want you to add to their problems. You have to be sweet to others and put their happiness before yours so they can be happy to have you around. Even acting for those who cannot speak up for themselves, that's special. That is what makes you a strong person. Even with what you feel, you do not transfer that to those around you. You remain cheerful and do things normally. One thing people love is vibe and good energy. You need to have a loving nature to be admired and respected. You may even be given a personality title. Cheerfulness impacts lives of those around. It also boosts your own self esteem. You will see that when you become assertive (not dominant). Even anger itself usually sends message to you to be cheerful.

Notice it. Notice how when you do good, when you look good, when you are good, people are free around you. People want to be with you, they are comfortable with you. This is because people do not like to feel bad. They can be scared of you when you're grumpy. Of course it's good to leave people alone when they are grumpy but it's rare to try to bring up the energy. Life is of course not just a bed of roses. The trick is your energy. How do you expect someone to laugh and play with you when you also have become cold. You know, whenever you witness a change in someone's countenance, they only need equal space and attention. What to do? Stand seven feet's apart and give them a really broad and silly smile. It works. So the good (and comfortable) energy you pass is what makes them feel comfortable. Not everyone feels comfortable around an angry or wicked person or someone with bad intentions. 
The world is more of spiritual. You know, in Disney shows, just the sight of some people will make you smile, the laughter you hear will make you laugh. 

Whenever someone feels sad or shuts down around you, you should first look at yourself. Are your thoughts of peace? Are you the type whom people are happy to see and glad when you arrive. Or are you the kill-joy or energy vampire who comes in and then darken the atmosphere, making everywhere gloomy. Are you the kind whom people tend to ignore or are you the one making them feel tensed? Your energy can sometimes always get people to be who they are not. I mean, your energy sometimes is transferred into others so it is the energy which you give that you get depending on the environment and situation. So...

I want to tell you some things and I ask to, just straight from the heart. If you disagree, I do not force. From the things you'd have known about me while reading, you'd have found out how much I love inspiration and how I love to oppose extroverts. And you know, this delights me. It's a pity the year started with all kinds of retrograde and still on it. Ooops! I forgot to wish you a happy new year. Seasons Greetings to all of my persistent and mysterious readers. May the joy of the lord be with us all.

This will be a topic on dark empaths and the dark triad and the battle empaths face in their lifetime. Yes, you know, it's soothing to experience hurt sometimes. It inspires, it motivates, it teaches. And soon you'll get something on this from me. This is because sometimes I see many young regular empaths who are not emotionally strong but sensitive and intuitive, getting to be friends with the outgoing people and end up becoming codependent. And did you know? These qualities are not the problems if you can survive these qualities and what to do is...
To begin with, both these nice people and the dark empaths get attached to each other so easily, regardless of their awareness of being and I always wonder, where does the magnet come from? I came to conclusion that this is the dark side of empaths - Narcissism. Remember, when I wrote about relationships, that opposites may attract and likes may repel. But when there's a connection... Maybe this is the dark secret between highly evolved empaths and narcissists. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes! Likes!

Those empaths usually get used until drained. And one thing is for these empaths, if they are learned, their strengths come when there is no energy or willpower left. The 'empath' is not really in control anymore when they turn within and this is when the empath goes supernova, something more like craze, something which the narcissist is ignorant/aware of and scared of, is experienced. And this happens only when the empath is super aware of this ability within themselves and have the strength to keep it going.

This supernova is when self defense happens in form of energy; just like a fuel dispenser, energy going only gets refilled from within. And for someone who needs to recharge hourly, daily, weekly and someone else extorting? The opposite will see they changed when really it's the bad energy being transferred that reached its limits, eventually. Empathy you see, is not weakness. Being nice isn't. So tell me who wins eventually? 
And one thing they fail to learn is that people do not change but they become who they are. It is people around you who help you fulfill destiny. It is not all the time you choose for yourself, sometimes destiny happens. I believe in that. Another chooses your part for you to play, your friend, your enemy, celebrities, husband or wife all influence you, and to do it properly is up to you, how you write your story, it is your reactions that determines who you are. It's your choice to make more lemons or maybe more lemonade. Are you responsible for your life? To change, you have to grow and to be who you are, you have to experience. Do you get that? Wait. But if you do not live, what story do you have to write or tell?

Now let's get straight into the main, the dark triad and the dark empath. 
Psychopathy is a mental disorder, like anything psycho, which must be innate. And anything which is a disorder is not normal, it's something like a glitch. Here I'm talking about psychopaths, not serial killers, just the psychopath personality. I'm not going to that level now, that level is psychopathual not just psychopathic.
Don't mind me about that.
And for narcissism, I'm for the covert/overt narcissist, the actual disorder, like NPD, not about the people with healthy self esteem and with actual confidence. You must be thinking, what's overt/covert. As you'd have been guessing, covert could mean an hidden agenda, look at the word, cover, it's something done in order to not be noticed as opposed to overt, I hope you get the meaning now.
Sociopathy has to do with personality. It is a personality disorder whereby one acts contrary to everything that has to do with social norms, like being antisocial. That's my definition. Now since this is about personality, while the other is innate then this must be due to energy. 'Not taking part' is what I'd describe it as and this is seen mainly in introverts. It's also like a dark triad sub. 
Sociopaths and narcissists may have equal goals but their means are quite different. Something which an antisocial person can do is watch an abandoned baby cry or maybe just ignore the crying baby, that's how much he's void of empathy, just like SpongeBob's Squidward. He may only do things useful to him and which concerns him. Boom! And that's where Narcissism comes in. Ha-ha opposite of Keanu Reeves. Well, meet my second crush, whom I love only the idea of! And for narcissism, the baby may be tend to only if there are enough people around to watch this act of kindness or it can still be broadcasted later.

Sociopaths are, you know, not like moral but strategic but psychopaths are like the 'anything anyhow' kind and definitely do not care about what's wrong or right. As you have seen, the extroverts can also have traits of psychopathy in them but not sociopathy but both may exhibit signs of low emotional intelligence. This intelligence has to do with how well matured you are emotionally. These are few signs of low EQ;
Anger (rage)
Lack of listening skills
Lack of patience
Perfectionistic tendency which leads to bossy behavior.
Being critical
Not letting go and complaining of past/present situations

But something popped into my mind now, does it mean that if you are not an extrovert, then you do not have a personality, since sociopathy is even a 'personality' disorder? Must one be an extrovert to have a personality? Facts may attest to it but well,d we'd see about that.
You know, I am kind of a narcissist myself, but maybe I learned it but I'm not the type to learn bad behavior to be bad or even the good to be good. I learn it to discern. I do not be. I just get aware and if I do be, I do not get my being from anybody because it's all actually in me. That's discerning your feelings from that of others. I'm amazing just the way I am and that should be your thought too.
So this is like the only extrovert placement in me and based on the narcissism and it's like one of the most extroverted in all sky placements, it comes out boldly in the morning and shines brightly in the afternoon and I just see it as a gift from heaven because now I can use it to serve humanity. And I know that it's not only me with this ability. This ability comes with courage. You know, to catch a criminal, you have to act like one. It's a rule when it comes to criminal investigations.

But first, I'm going to tell you in some of my own simple terms, what empathy means. Empathy is like putting oneself in another's shoes and physically feeling the emotions of another. It's just being another person for a moment, in order to know what to say or do and use that to an advantage in that moment. It's the intentional or unintentional act of mirroring the state of mind of another either for personal or communal gain. In essence, the most charming person or the most manipulative person you will ever come across, may have traits of empathy in them too.

The dark triad is made of psychopathy, narcissism and machiavellianism. Some psychos really do not see the bad in whatever actions they may carry out or behaviours which they exhibit, as opposed those with dark triad traits or sociopaths who are aware but may lack remorse. But the reason I also like such people as the dark empaths is because they can feel remorse when they realize the hurt they cause, as opposed to those with the dark triad but as wicked as the psychopath can be, more dangerous of all is also the dark empath. My reason is they just feed off of ignorance. 

Let it sink for a minute

And who is most dangerous, of course you guessed right, the 'ignorant' ones. And as you'd have known if you read here, Sadhguru says, the greatest evil is ignorance. So unless you're willing to oppose me regarding these, I'm in for it. The next qualities will be explained as you move forward. To say wrongly, they say, is not as great a crime as to hear wrongly, only if you knew how much I dwelt on this topic.

I also learnt from what I typed here. I just realized that the dark triad attributes are seen more in the introverts; they are the ones who are of course more self-aware and the dark empaths are more sociable, the popular adjective used to describe these people is 'charming'. I use the term, 'dark empath' for the pathological narcissists because that is what describes them quite right. The similarity between these two is their ignorance of what is right and wrong. The great thing about all of this is what hurts more and those who hurt the more are the dark empaths. The dark triad or sociopaths are purposeful, can differentiate their end from beginning and are true to themselves but the basis of the other is not just right. For me, when you are not being who you truly are, it's a shame, it's despair. 

For me, everything they do is just an act and not actual living, as in, did you even have a personality in the first place. Why pretend to be who you are not and not just give up and just be, even if it's Lächert you want to be. She and her likes even have a story. I remember that the mystic has said life is an act. It's not that kind of act he refers to. None of this is hidden to an enlightened being. Ignorance remains of the mind and the mind can be toyed with. Manipulation never works when it comes to what some others think of you. Most times, such people are not seen for who they are but what they do, these actual acts, this actual trap. Like what are you doing man, I see the intentions and I'm like wassup bro, is this a mind game? DO YOU NOT SEE?
While who they are is void until they come to self realization. You can read about that here, prolly in 'Finding Self'. I just remembered, I had the intention of creating a wishlist so you'd know how it looks like if you haven't seen one and giving you a sneak peek but I don't like to be eaten up by narcs. Maybe I'll do that at a later time. Oh my bad, I forgot. They may not even find it, they may not care that much.

So sorry, all in all, I mean to tell you that your true personality is your soul.You were born with it.

For me, everyone would have been a narcissist. I once thought of that. Everyone offended by the truth should be a narcissist, the 'society' so-called, just everyone. The 'ignorant' thing is society since anything can be done to the detriment of humanity. Such people are scared of truth or are simply not ready.  

Here are some common traits of psychopathy, I'd list just five and you can see the rest as you read on.
• Emotional manipulation
• Rage- Selfish enforcement of power and use of violence to forcefully control, something which I see more like abuse.
• Sadism or surpressed conscience- They may or may not know the hurt they cause but either ways, your pain is still their pleasure.
• Prefers ignorance to truth- They are in no way concerned with truth. You see where ignorance comes in? They make excuses for themselves when they do not do something right. They sometimes will pretend they are unaware, that's with use of cognitive dissonance.
• Lack of justice- Just another virtue. Most importantly, they belief that they are above everyone and everything else including the rule of law and human rights; consequences of any kind can never be theirs to face. They have this god complex.

Moving forward, with regard to dark empaths, the essence of this topic, they do not put themselves in another's shoes to feel their emotions. They understand only that which they are shown, which means they may get delusional at times. Once they know you, your thoughts, dreams and intentions, it's a problem and this is where the manipulation starts, except you start to hide your feelings. You know, the only way to wear n with a toxic person is not to play.
Whatever feeling you have is just stuck to their heads, they cannot feel it but only have the ability to make you feel happy and then sad and then happy and it goes on like that because they always know. Narcissists are like chameleons. They know a lot and are very sly. So tell me, how will a relationship last when there is no stability of emotions. I always say something, the person to lift you is the one to drag you down if you have no other options. So you will have to endure till the end till you become just another person's damsel in distress and that's if your charming prince went narcs. And someone will come to tell me I have trust issues. A very toxic trait of theirs is love-bombing. The dark empaths may do only very nice things which are meant to make you feel bad later. 

Other qualities are guilt-tripping one in order to just get them to agree with them and quit further arguments. They are persistent and never back down. They just need you now and through all those tricks, will make you agree with and trust them. Another quality of theirs is rampant lying. The dark empaths make scenes (as you know, they are already dramatic) while you have nothing to say; they think world revolves around just them. They want to feel heard so they use it to their advantage, through such acts as bearing false witnesses and this is where lying comes in, especially to gain sympathy. This is known as the victim narrative. Some people call this smear campaign or sob story and there is a common slang called pity party. They tell you things that you know are not true to your ears but the most toxic thing is they will not just listen and this is another reason they cannot keep relationships. Stubbornness. You see, there is none so blind as those who will not see. As they say, the higher the ego, the smaller the brain.

Furthermore, they look like the emperors in every situation which brings me to machiavellianism, the art of manipulation, the will to control. This machiavellianism is present in both disorders and can be seen in both genders and not only the male. And when one is pleased with this controlling power, such person cannot be vulnerable. There is no such thing when it comes to love, which comes with vulnerability. So it's machiavellianism and narcissism that are my vital points of discussion for now.

Instead of feeling what you feel like the true empath does, only narcissists could use their own qualities to 'understand' you, to define you in order to bring out a response from you, whether emotionally or physically. There are egotistical traits here. For instance, he'd see the tiny mistakes you make in something good which you have done. Would that not make you start to rant? He sees that if there is no tantrum, you are good, then most negative emotions (yours) are used against you. You cannot argue or you get it. You become the one to blame. Blaming. What! I almost forgot that exact word. It's more like guilt-tripping. The narcissism of mine comes with fun and if something like this happens with you then it's pure dark triad and if you do not like the person, I mean your victim, this can be sociopathy or narcissism. I may not have told you about snatching an egg (to later return) to bring out reactions and making use of such reverse psychology. But know it's not all reverse psychology that are related with narcissism. You may receive taunting or be teased...very bad teasing, not the good one, this one is like the rabble-rouser's. Then this one is sociopathy/dark triad. The narcissist may not cause problems in this manner.

Back to my topic, people who don't have what they need could milk it from another and they are
 the so-called 'wetigos'. They bring out people's positive traits and benefit from them. They know how to use the strength of others. They start to do all of these mean things because of insecurity. Insecurity and fear breeds evil thoughts. They use the empaths qualities to evaluate themselves, those qualities that they do not want to see. You start to get them intimidated by showing something they do not want to show in themselves. It is just like the way I'm jealous of movie characters I find cool and too cool to be I always wish to go and join them in there, when I see such cool actors and actresses, so that could be my own reality and you'd complain when one gets addicted to a movie or series? But eventually, it's all what? Acting. Please forgive my pessimism. So do you know your role in life?

These particular people are given opportunities to grow but they do not want to see you better than them and remain where they are and they love this feeling of control. They want someone who tells them how pretty or handsome they are in that new dress or suit and how they did that project in the best way possible that they should have been them winner. Selfishness is exhibited in the way that they cannot be truly happy for you until your actions have something like a direct positive influence on them. But the goal is to eventually make you be like everyone else, they want you, as a bait, because they have not found their authentic power yet. You are the only protagonist but the show is only stolen by them. In fact, they do the least.

Many people who have progressively lowered their personal standards in an attempt to win social acceptance and life's comforts bitterly resent those of philosophical bent who refuse to compromise their spiritual ideals and who seek to better themselves.
~ Epictetus

You know, if you live according to what others think of you, you have no notion of self. And if you think someone can be a replacement, you will place expectations upon that person so when it is not fulfilled, you will find another, hopeful of his or her ability to do it, which makes you have this limited mindset of everyone being of equal ability. And one who sees one as replacement does not truly love one. And this is why you'd see no stability and everything will just go on and on like that and continue like that, even in relationships. 

Expectations are resentments waiting to happen.
~ Brené

When you start to think that everyone has an equal ability and everyone is equal for you, it is the display of ignorance to the core. In the workplace, if there is no physical ability, then there could be something that person contributes to; that which you do not see. This is why it is better to know yourself first. You can only truly meet another as deeply as you have met yourself. If you also know your worth, you will not be affected by what others think of you. 
The words, "you think you are irreplaceable" is no general rule, only an illusion. It is showoff of ignorance, arrogance and infantilism and a big factor or biggest reason for relationship failure. These empty words only show the weakness of the sayer and show the willingness to hurt the confidence of the receiver of the message. It's sort of a reverse psychology, for which the speaker desires attention and reactions from the listener. This is a way they take advantage of the feelings of others in the way that they desire. Anyone can be used as a gaslight tool for the journey they embark on. The victim is seen as an illusion of that which they want them to be. 

With such a mindset, there is little to no self-reflection and you can use anyone as a tool for your journey because to you, nothing really matters. You can never understand the value of another or ever be confident in the honesty of another because you are unwilling to change and unwilling to acknowledge the reality of yourself! If you do not trust yourself, how will you trust another, when you aren't even transparent. Seeing another negatively is a display of your negative side. You will realize this when you know that you are one with all. If you understand that you have a purpose yourself, you will respect the uniqueness of all.

The dark empath especially will make you question your worth. When you try being human, they'd call it craze. This is what makes the psychopath satisfied, which shows a lack of conscience. Your disturbance is their satisfaction because they also are. Such people can be found when it comes to matters of trolls. They're like I really really need to put you in my shoes so you can feel what I feel and bear this with me because I know you can. Dude your shoes are already oversize, I can't deal!

Moreover, these narcs have a mirror through which they see themselves and in a grandiose manner but when others do not, they get mad. That's the image they create in their heads and they never stop seeking respect. They are concerned about self-image, which is most times false are and very sensitive to criticisms but very insensitive when it comes to people they perceive as inferior to them or even superior to them and you're like where's my place here?

Even correction is seen as disrespect and they refuse to heed and how will relationships last? But isn't respect only accorded? People do not respect but only admire. This is why this is the topic of kindness. Everything is energy, vibration and whatever. You're a vibration and that's what differentiates you from others, not mere terms as inferiority and superiority. Your worth is your vibration. Your true personality is your soul.

There are some girls, pretty to the core but when that is all you see, it defines you too. Maybe narcissistic though because sometimes I do not know why people would just take someone to liking simply because she's pretty, then there's something you must be hiding. Why do you see her as the perfect person? Are you healthy enough? This does not work for the males alone. Then there are certain males, I call them the 'men of mars', charming to the core but manipulative to the core. Don't get me wrong, there are also women of mars' but they are the opposite and they can only be seen in movies as such women opposing princesses like Rapunzel. The previous former is where I want to lay emphasis. They make up the most attractive of men and can be anybody because we are ruled, not just by a part but the whole of the sky. They prefer women who can handle what they have to bring. Men with weakness will choose the vulnerable because they need to control, is this not also a co-dependent trait? And you tell me you're helpless? The bullies, cowards and narcissists act from place of insecurity. I have also learnt, the one who kills is less greater than the one who saves, which means that..

All cruelty springs from weakness.
~ Seneca

You can play the villain if you so please, because they are made for the hard way. It's love they need the most. And if love does not work for them, then pain certainly will because all is always fair in love and war and since they just wish to be loved. They also make use of the slightest attention you give to them. You know that feeling when with others, they are morbid, around you, they are soft, demanding and suspicious. Your instincts keep telling you something is wrong when they keep asking for favours. You know, they really do not like you but are just being nice. But it is not everyone who asks for your help is a narcissist. It's only when your spirit does not just agree with theirs, like you both are meant to be opposed to each other. 

Being so optimistic and too nice is the beginning of hypocrisy, like who does that. That way, you will continue to be criticised. I mentioned this on my topic of criticism. When you seek to satisfy someone else, you become a puppet and will get manipulated and you should not complain about being manipulated because you have asked for it. It's like being a doormat, you are there and everyone is welcome. Also see that yourself, does that make any sense to you? In essence, one's worth is meant for only one to decide. This is not pride here. I think on Criticism or Esteem or some other past topic, I told you pride is not negative. This is about your personal merit and your opinions, except you also wish to be a 'victim'. You do not wait for others to judge you simply because it isn't their job; anyone looking for whom to judge should only go to competitions. And if you do so to yourself negatively, it's entirely your business, as you've been well informed. If you also know your worth, you will not be affected by what others think of you, you will not be a doormat. But remember, try to understand, you know, to say wrongly is not as great a crime as to hear wrongly.

All these are traits of the narcissist. The dark empaths may sometimes lack confidence and pull others down in order to lift themselves up. This is the insensitivity I'm referring to. They use others to compensate for their failure. They talk down on you to make themselves feel better. A truly confident person never pulls other people down. They lift others. So these people only want the best things in the world to them. Like the pessimist, they do not see anything good happening, if you want to share your dreams , they do not see the good that will come from it and talk you out of it. Like do you ever feel happy, nothing, no thoughts, you just feel happy and want to do something some people feel is foolish, just want to do anything meaningless?

Someone not supporting your decisions and who makes you feel you can do nothing right and when it's time for decisions, they take control of your life, such could be a narc. And someone who does not want to see anything good, is that not a sociopath. Come to think of it, the psychopath is actually more fun than the sociopath. They never listen but only go against rules and the status quo because they have no sense of morality. They ignore such things and never listen but listening is a way to make relationships grow. They need to control and question authority, disregarded of whom. Rules do not apply to them. They make only short term decisions without minding the consequences. You must be rich to be a narcissist because hmm life will just show itself to money, no character or integrity, no nothing.

Good people don't need laws to tell them to act responsibly and bad people will find a way around the laws.
~ Plato

But it is another case when the law does not add up. Think of it now, have you ever watched a telenovela or soap opera or a phillipine movie or an Indian episodic film and you know these villains who keep on with persistence that the movie never seems to come to an end, chance after chance, times without number. And on the other side, have you watched an American action movie or an Indian blockbuster and you see enigmatic men in glasses? The difference is this is not acting. They could be sociopaths and the former could be dark empaths. With such emotional manipulations of the dark empaths, the attacker becomes the victim. Due to this sly nature, you feel like you have become the narcissist and start to beat yourself up. Do you know how much psychological damage comes with that.

As a child. I was non confrontational and never reacted. I sought validation indirectly, like hey I'm scared, tell me what I'm doing is good, am I good as I am, she doesn't like me, please like me, will you be my bestie. I'm not enough, please complete me. For I am incomplete without you...

Pause there

It was my biggest dream that I would be somewhere human relationships had its limits so have you ever had such thoughts. But all these things, aren't these what the narc is secretly telling you? All these brings me to the conclusion that how you treat yourself is the way you will be treated and your body language says a lot about you, a lot about energy. Generally, everything good I did was not recognized. Of course when you come across narcissists, it's their choice to make you shine or not. People-pleasing attitude does not always end well. It makes you more of suspected. When you see the world with too much optimism you won't recognize when someone crosses their bounds and take advantage of this. You are blind to their faults and you lie to yourself. Kindness is taken for granted and leads to more expectations and more and the lack of value is the end result. 

To continue with and I think with all my points, I'd like to tell you there's also no difference between the narcissist and the empath and they both have refused to accept their actual reality. Both are codependent on each other and have a low self esteem.

Be less nice and be more kind. For men, no more Mr Niceguy, for ladies no more until I hear from him. I think I used these examples in one of the last posts. You could even seek disharmony. Be kinder, but firmer. That's what I mean by being less nice. Try losing your cool. Be scared, but it should be done. Everything should not always be about your comfort zone. Be your true self, it is only when you are that you let others be their true selves to you. How you treat yourself is the way you'd be treated. Do not trade your authenticity for approval as they do. If you have the habit of waiting for others, you will get left behind. And when you are superficial, you cannot gain the TRUE affection of others. But sometimes you have to let them live and experience and take responsibility. It's best people learn on their own. It's the best lesson and that's what I learned. They should fight their battles and this is when they know what they are fighting.

If everyone had empathy, the world would be a more nicer place but empathy isn't the only way to be nice. The ignorant can be empathetic, at least it's the good side. There are also people who fake sympathy in guise of happy faces. One does not have to be all maternal or caring or empathetic to show they care, sis. Reduce your goodness too. It should not be all about your good deeds. You see, kindness is not alchemy for toxicity to be reduced. Your kindness only brings dislike like I told you earlier. It is not your goodness that liberates you. Be less nice and be more kind. Sometimes you have to be cruel only to be kind and that's always the hard way. This starts when all hope is lost. Sometimes you have to offer what is requested. God even gives at the right time. 

In today's world, happiness is having things that other people don't have. Life is a competition. Giving today roots from self-satisfaction. Choose compassion instead of sympathy. Even if you do not receive, love anyways. Shun insensitivity. Hurting because someone hurts you make you come automatically down to their level. Create your boundaries. Your boundary is your set rules, your code of conduct and your values. 

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.
~ Mother Teresa

They may keep on doing that while there are even days that they would bring sadness into your life while you are jolly. Only those with low self esteem will humiliate you to boost theirs and build their confidence, especially in the presence of a multitude and that is a bully and sadist in the making. A lack of self-love is seen as the root of all sorts of issues ranging from depression to bullying to obesity and misogynistic attitudes. It is such people who push others into wrongdoings. This is for those who are being bullied or blackmailed. They are only cowards and the biggest losers and one day you will rise above them because they never win when you know your truth. Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart. That is your truth. That is your personality.

Remove yourself from people who treat you like your time doesn't matter, like your feelings are worthless, or like your soul is replaceable.
~JM Storm

I want to tell you it's okay. Realisation will be their teacher. Don't let anyone turn you into what you're not. Everything is going to be okay, I promise. If you feel out of this world, you were made for a purpose. I tell you, you are loved. Do not make them be devil's prey to you. I love you and again, you will rise, just like the dew in the morning. They are not in any way better than you. They will not feel that way, they do not even have the capacity neither have they reached it. There is a hero in you. Make effort to uplift yourself, do not degrade yourself because one's own self is one's friend and one's own self is one's enemy. Do not let them make you be who you are not.

Sensitive people care when the world doesn't because we understand waiting to be rescued and no one shows up. We have rescued ourselves, so many times that we have become self taught in the art of compassion for those forgotten. 
~ Shannon L. Alder

It is your responsibility as human to assist one another. Sensitive people are compassionate people. They possess empathy. They are caring. Be sensitive. Sensitivity equals empathy. A dose of kindness could reduce the effect of mental health issues. When a child is persistently ridiculed, does he not learn to be shy and hide from others. When he is encouraged, does he not learn to be confident. When a child lives with hostility, does he not want to fight at the slightest provocation? When he is praised, will he not appreciate, no matter how. When you are fair with him, will he not learn that as well? When you approve of him, does he not start to like himself, when you disapprove of him, does he not learn to be responsible for himself. If he lives with shame, will he not realize that life requires patience. If he lives with security, he learns to trust and have faith. Most especially, when he lives with acceptance, friendship and love, he also learns to find love in the world, doesn't he? All these make you who you are; the energy which you give out, you receive.

Learn to take care. All we need is love. Meanwhile, the beauty you see in me is a reflection of you. For others, it does not cost a penny to speak loveful, true, sweet words. Notice the little things. It matters to people. Tell someone how her hairdo fits her perfectly well or how beautiful she looks when she smiles. Tell him he's more handsome when he laughs (maybe he'll see this now). Being kind is not pretense. Remember, you see what you are, in a person and the little things matter.

Do not lose hope in the hopeless. Everyone sees beauty. What more the person who recognizes the unseen. It is rare beauty to help the ugly and unqualified. Sometimes the greatest contribution you can make is to give regard. Recognise to be recognised. How much more greater, helping a soul come closer to God. Be the magnet of peace so that you can attract peaceless souls. Do not just attract peaceful souls to get yourself peace, don't. Be a peaceful personality. Also be compassionate.

Be that one. That one who forgives when deep offense has been committed. That one who loves when no one else does. That one who gives kindness to those who are mean. Be that one who looks past the insult, instead seeing the pain that motivated it. That one who shines light upon those who sit in utter darkness. Because the impact of being that one runs far and wide. It brings healing to the wounded, joy to the sad, and hope to those in despair. Be that one.
~ Sheri Eckert

Ignore how I sound, I didn't mean to ramble and ramble in certain paragraphs sometimes my mind just flies away, leaving my fingers behind. Sorry that I make references too much, you know I was an art student (another reference)
Love you! (xoxo)


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